LAWA IT Project Management Office Services

Client: Los Angeles World Airports

Prime: IBM (via Ross & Baruzzini)

LAWA’s Chief Information Officer asked the Information Technology Systems and Application Development Division (ITD) of LAWA’s Information Technology Group (ITG) to conduct a LAWA-wide outreach to ITG’s customers, the 84 LAWA divisions. ITG has been charged with understanding divisional IT needs proactively and assisting divisions in dealing with life-cycle issues relative to IT systems and applications. Of immediate importance was the LAWA-wide upgrade of the enterprise and desktop computer operation system (OS) from Windows NT to Windows 2003 and the deployment of over 2,000 new desktop PC’s utilizing the Windows XP operating system.

Creelman supported this effort by developing the Outreach processes to support OS Training, conducting Training Workshops, scheduling divisional sessions, and by guiding the production of ISO 9001-2000 documentation.