Environmental Technical and Expert Consulting Services for LAWA 2007

Client: Los Angeles World Airports

Prime: CTL Environmental Services

The LAWA South Airfield Improvement Project (SAIP) was the first to implement Construction Standards derived from the LAWA Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP). These standards were written into the RFP for the runway construction contract and their implementation during construction was documented by monitoring. Compliance with the various environmental regulations is not unique, but comprehensive monitoring to ensure systematic compliance with the extensive requirements prescribed for the SAIP in the LAX Master Plan EIR, ROD, MMRP, Community Benefits Agreement, and the Stipulated Settlement was an important test of the effectiveness of these regulations to reduce pollution from a massive airport construction project.

Under this on-call contract, Creelman prepared a summary report of the monitoring efforts for the SAIP which served as the main body of an application for the ACI-NA 2007 Environmental Achievement Award in the mitigation category. Analysis of the data collected demonstrated that the implementation of the environmental control measures were cost effective in reducing diesel emissions and did not adversely impact construction on the SAIP in any significant way.