Implementation of an Airport Campus Security System at DFW

Client: Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

Prime: Creelman

DFW Airport is performing an expansion of its existing Security Surveillance System, increasing the capacity of limited and specific subsystems of the integrated environment and adding new functionality by deploying a new IP camera subsystem.

Creelman worked under the direction of the ITS Manager of Operations Support to provide project administration services for this effort, including hosting weekly project progress meetings, managing the RFI request and approval process, reviewing and validating requests for payment and ensuring that DFW financial controls are maintained. We also worked with DFW staff in the development of new design criteria and standards; new service and maintenance models and requirements; new system documentation requirements and as-built control processes; CAD standards for the ongoing change management; document control and add/move/change requirements; new spare parts requirements and control processes; and new system inventory and asset control processes based upon the upgrades and enhancements performed under the expansion project.